Laying down the lawn

The days are getting a little cooler and a little shorter, but I bet your lawn is still growing. Autumn is an important time for your lawn and lots of things can happen that you probably didn’t know! From grubs and slugs to poor drainage.

Now is the best time to get your lawn in condition for the coming winter. Generally, if you have your lawn in great condition by Easter then you will find it will survive much better during the winter time. Now is the time to get fertilising and watering.. it is important!

With a lot of rain the drainage in your lawn can be reduced. Try to water the lawn in the morning so that the grass will dry before the temperature drops in the evening.

It is best to mow your lawn regularly than cutting it too short which can make it grow faster. Remember mowing the lawn when it is saturated with water will compact the soil so the roots can’t breathe.. the grass can die and you’ll notice bald spots in your lawn.

A healthy lawn makes the ideal children’s play area, or a delightful green space for entertaining.